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Millicent Bulstrode
I am curious to know who will be attending the Valentines Day Ball. It would be slightly less worthwhile for me to go if, for example, Weasley was not present, as he will almost certainly accidentally destroy something and need to be escorted to the infirmary. I am sure it is understandable that I do not want to miss this.

Furthermore, I want to know if Malfoy Junior will be attending. Perhaps if he did not sulk so much, there might be someone he could take who wasn't being paid for their time.

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We are all aware that you won, whether we want to be or not. But it has been two days. You are embarrassing yourselves. Find something else to talk about.

Like Weasley, and his potential as a professional Quidditch player given his team's outstanding display of total ineptitude. That, at least, is amusing.
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Today was my birthday. I, too, am now old enough to Apparate, vote, and be tried as an adult. Which makes today a milestone of sorts but since I never plan to do any of those things, I don't think I especially care.

On Monday, I did not join the Gryffindors in attending Auror Shacklebolt's Introduction to Arson workshop. I have never been more grateful for my disinclination towards law enforcement. Professor Black and I had an interesting day in which no one caught fire, and so I believe was comparatively successful.

I understand that there was also a quidditch match a while ago. I did not go. Quidditch is, still, irredeemably stupid.

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No one has voted for me for Head Girl.

I am hurt. Really.
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First Weasley and now Granger. They are dropping like flies.

Good for entertainment value, certainly. Perhaps Potter will be next.

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It appears that Weasley will not be returning to school in September.


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Well. Isn't this depressingly familiar.

I am sure my family is there for a reason. I am at a loss to say what that reason is. And so, I mistakenly turn to here for entertainment, only to find that Weasley has apparently had his exclamation key removed, Potter has moved house and Professor Trelawney is her usual self.

Disappointing, really.

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Quidditch is a repetitive and stupid game. I did not go to watch the last match. I am not surprised that Gryffindor stole the cup from Slytherin. Some people are still cranky about it.

Vincent. Greg. Pansy is still backwards. What did you do?

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It seems I have made something of a fool of myself. The hospital wing is not a good place to be put, regardless of reason, however after more than a week under Madam Pomfrey's authoritatian control, allowed to do little else but stare at the ceiling, take vile tasting potions and think, I have been forced to come to the conclusion that a change of priorities is in order. I seem to be quite adept at sabotaging myself. It's about time I stop reaching for the unattainable.

I was not always by myself in the infirmary, however. Weasley was there for an excruciating three hours, making even less sense than he usually does, and after a conversation this evening with someone who claims to be his mother, I have no wish to come anywhere near to any member of that family again.

Aside from the Weasley invasion, some of you visited. Some of you brought chocolate. Some of you brought your friends. Some of you have very unusual friends.

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I apologise for my behaviour over the messenger program last night.

I'm not particularly sorry over my behaviour in general, however.

Can we meet later, Stumpy?

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Such is life.

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Dearest Bilius,

Perhaps I should have sent you a tarantula instead.



p.s. You are such a nancy girl.

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I just thought I'd put up an obligatory post.

Mandy, Lisa, and I did some stuff tonight. It was entertaining.

I can't seem to fall asleep.

So I shall read.


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Thank you.

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I harass people.

I wear too much eyeliner.

I talk in riddles.

I can also read minds.

Furthermore, if you're feeling bored, it means that I am reading your mind.

C'est vraiment? Oui.

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